Friday, November 11, 2011

Fabric thief

I've been on the search of the perfect fabric to meld the orange and blue in my living room.  In an ideal world my favorite fabric wouldn't cost between $130-$200, but it does.  So it's not in my living room. : )  Doesn't Schumacher make such pretty fabrics??  Chiang Mai Dragon may just be my very fave right now...

So, I've been somewhat patiently looking for something a little more in my budget.  I couple of weeks ago I hit up Garden Ridge, of all places, with a friend who's kitchen I've been helping her with.  I don't exactly love Garden Ridge, but I'd heard you can get some great fabrics there if you are lucky.  Everything is $5.99 and comes in about 2-3 yard remnants.  So with 2- 3 year olds in tow, we hit it up.  There is a lot of gnarly stuff there.  I mean really maybe it's been there for a good decade or so.  Anyway, after lots and lots of looking we came across this....

This pic makes it look a little darker than it really is.  We originally got it for her, but after she took it home, she decided she wanted to go a little different direction.  So...I happily took it off her hands. ; )  It is a P Kaufman Fabric for upholstery and it retails for about $26/yard....and we got 3 yards for $5.99!! 

I think I'd like to do maybe a big ottoman with it, but today I had a few minutes while the kids were eating a snack and decided to make a pillow cover for glue gun style.  I pulled a nice pillow out of the garage sale pile.  Still liked the pillow, but I'm so over red in the house and couldn't wait to get it out of here.  

This pillow has great shape and was in perfect condition...just ready to hide the red!

I simply folded in the raw edges and glue it up.  Maybe some day when I have more than 5 minutes, I can sew it up, but this is where I'm at and I'm trying to embrace it! ; )

 I'm loving the finished result!!  It accomplished exactly what I needed it to, at the perfect price point! I almost feel like I stole it...ha!  Have you had any "steals" recently??

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