Sunday, January 30, 2011

TV WALLS : : from blah to voila!

 Does anyone else have a big ol' wall like this just waiting for something?  Trying to figure out a game plan for what that "something" is can be quite daunting.  So I just thought I'd throw out one idea, out of so many out there for you to think about and try.  Here are the steps I took to tackle this project.

1.  Figure out all my options and visual and research to help narrow down to one.  In this case, I thought I could go with either a picture grouping on either side of the tv or one big gallery wall.  I looked at pics of both and decided with the gallery wall to best unite the whole wall.  My research also helped provide inspiration from other blogger/decorators: Emily A. Clark, Isabella and Max Rooms.

2.  Next, I started gathering frames.  I hit a sale at Salvation Army and got quite a few of these there for only $1 each.  I just touched them all up with a bit of black spray paint and they were good to go.  A couple I had just sitting around and the big one I got on the clearance rack at Ikea for $3.  I also got a few packs of these Command 17204 Medium Picture Hanging Strips, 6-Sets if you haven't tried is the time!!  No holes in the wall for if and when you decide to redecorate! (We have paneling in our living room so these are a life saver!)

3.  You know how some gallery walls just look  Well, since that wasn't the look I was exactly going for, I took the extra step and made cutouts for each piece I had to put up. I just taped up the pieces with masking tape. This way I didn't have to do all the visualizing in my head and I could make sure it all was going to look straight.

 4.  Last, I put in my pics and hung with a level.  The only nail hole I made was for the large picture.  I had a hard time deciding what to put in my pics...and whether to do color or black & white.  I decided to take pics from our vacations and put them in....that allowed for some landscape shots and some with the family, but all tied together with a theme.  I may change them to black & white but for now I am loving the colors and how they brighten up the room.  (And no, I didn't paint in between's just the difference between flash shots and night and natural light shots!)

Sooo....for under $20 I have a wall that has some personality!  I'd love to hear what you think about this mini transformation!

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