Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Orange you glad fall is here?

Ok...sorry for the cheesy title...I couldn't resist.  Y'all know I love me some blue, but orange is sure making it's way to being one of my favorite decorating colors.  I just painted my girls beds orange {more deets on that to come} and I have hints of it in my living room as well...I love the bright cheerfulness it brings to a space while still giving it some warmth.

Some of my faves...
Statement on the walls...everything else neutral.

This may be a little much for me, but I still love all the color and patterns.

Love this new line...especially in orange.
Orange velvet headboard with green don't see this much but isn't it fabulous??
Love how the orange adds to the equestrian den feel.
Orange upholstery adds personality to an otherwise very neutral space.
Great calming color scheme.
Love this...all the white with orange trim...GORGEOUS!
I think I've featured this one like 3 times...I still love it!
Great office space...modern with lots of warmth.
Love this whole house {check it out here}...this rug MAKES this room.
One of my favorite designers, Sherry Hart, designed this nursery...almost makes me want to have another baby.  Kidding.
Just a little orange in this room sure gives the eye something interesting to look at.
Great lines, colors and furniture. 

This one is from House Beautiful...what a happy place to gather the fam to eat!

I love this...pretty sure my mudroom wouldn't stay like this for too long, but I still love the color scheme.

Is orange too much for you or are you jumping on the bandwagon with me?  I'm loving it...and I think it's here to stay much longer than fall will. ;)

{All images via Decor Pad, unless noted}


  1. Good to see you on again! Can't wait for the bedroom pictures.

  2. I just saw you featured my nursery! Thanks! And, thanks for coming by for my fall giveaway!


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