Thursday, October 13, 2011

Decorating ADD

I took a quiz in a magazine a few weeks ago and was somewhat surprised by the results...don't worry it had nothing to do with romance or finding my soul mate {I've already got all that : ) }.  This quiz had to do with adult ADD and I think maybe I've just diagnosed myself with a mild case of it.  I've also contributed my constant home-decorating to it....well, that and I just enjoy it. : )  Anyway, I said all that to say I've changed up the Living Room a bit....tried my hand at a little art {using that word very loosely}, put some signs of fall up, and just did some simple rearranging.  Check it biggie, but for a busy mom, I'm loving the little refreshers...

Ok, I spent $6 of my birthday money on this gorgeous orange fabric {found it on the bolt at a thrift store with my sister-in-law}.  That's basically free, right?  I originally planned on using it for reupholstery, but I am loving the color it bring to the neutral walls.  I'm thinking about adding a stencil to it....any thoughts???

Just a change to the TV stand....I'm thinking that pumpkin needs a black bow.  Don't you love balance?

Here's my little artwork.  I whipped this up one morning this week and I think I'm really liking the pattern in this room.  Especially with the dark leather couch, it really brightens up the space and makes it more interesting.  No one better look too close though...a perfectionist is one thing I am not!  Best part about it...I had all the material so this project was FREE! I'm thinking it will look great with a wreath hanging over it in a couple months.
What are you doing around your home?  Any fall spruce-ups or just a little decorating ADD like me?  Either way, it just always amazes me how one little quick change can make the biggest difference.

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