Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In the thick of it

Sorry, I've been a bit MIA around here lately...I've bee a little in over my head in projects around the house. 

 We've been spending more time at the pool and have even attempted a family game of kick ball {yeah, that was my idea...didn't last too long at 3 in the afternoon but it was fun to get out} and some bike rides....despite the fact that it is July in Texas and over 100 degrees every day.  Five years living here and I still haven't quite adjusted to the heat....although you won't find me complaining the other 3 seasons though. ; )  How cool is this pic that Maggie {my oldest} took at the pool...with my IPhone...and no photoshopping AT ALL! 

I think that girl may have a job in photography in her future. :)

Anyway...on to the ugly.  We were sitting on our ridiculously large deck last weekend {which happens about once a year} and decided to take it up...right then.  So, it is up and we are so excited to have some reclaimed yard space.  We had a townhouse before this house so any yard seemed big...till we put our kids in it and realized it was not.  Our next place WILL have a bigger yard! : )

Deck when we moved in 5 years ago...we had done some work on it since

The deck today....just need the poles and roof taken down and it will be ready for sod....and soccer games! : ) {our toys and table aren't normally in our yard, but the cement patio was full of the other stuff so it's there a while...lookin' a bit trashy...ha!}
This is our master bedroom white cover...just trying to give you an idea. :)
The girls' room makeover is under way...I've finished one bed {and I love the orange!} and now am on the lookout for another free to extremely cheap daybed to match it.  I also am on the look out for LOTS of white linens.  I'm thinking lots of pillows will help make this a space they LOVE to be in!  {and a TV....but they aren't getting that...ha!}

This also was one of those projects that was like the domino effect...I wanted to switch the furniture with the other kids' room and in switching I thought I might as well go through all their clothes and toys....for ALL stinkin' 4 kids.  What was I thinking??  Anyway, that has left me here....

Drowning in kids' clothes and toys....but I think I'm going to LOVE the end result ~ clean, not over-stuffed closets and drawers all ready for the school year!

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