Friday, August 12, 2011


Have you ever walked into a store and felt like you've been in some place similar?  Like Gap, for example, it has it's fun younger cousin, Old Navy,  and it's more upscale and mature cousin Banana Republic.  Yet when you walk into any of them, there's kind of a theme...basics, industrial decor, trendy but not over the top.  Well, the same is true with some other stores that you may not have realized...maybe I'm the only nerd who thinks it is interesting.

1.   Did you know that Williams-Sonoma is the parent company to everyone's favorite home store, Pottery Barn?  Besides their famous kitchen store, William Sonoma also owns their namesake line, Williams-Sonoma Home, which is amazing {and quite pricey} and the fun and hip West Elm line as well.

2. I'm guessing you probably realized this one...if you've had a child in the last decade.  The Gymboree line has also reached all price points in kid's clothes.  First, Gymboree brought the head-to-toe matchy-matchy look to the "mall" price point.  Then it released the Janie and Jack line which is more of a boutique look and price.  Then, in the last few years came along Crazy 8.  I like to call it the Old Navy of Gymboree {I'm obviously not on Gymboree's payroll with that one} still has the Gymboree look but more of an Old Navy price.

3.  This one may be my favorite "family".  The actual brand name is Urban Outfitters, but they own some amazing companies you might have heard of.  Anthropolgie is definitely it's older {and yet still very cool} cousin.  Both UO and Anthro offer clothing lines, and household items.  Some of them as you may have noticed are very if there's something you love at the wrong price at Anthro, it may be worth your time to check Urban Outfitters too.  They also have the brand Free People, which is a great clothing line.  And if you haven't seen the company's wedding line, BHLDN, it's pretty amazing if for nothing but inspiration.

4.  Another more common one is Crate & Barrel and it's family of stores.  Crate & Barrel not only has CB2, which is a more affordable and fun side to Crate & Barrel, but it also has the uber cute kids line The Land of Nod.

5.  The last one is near and dear to my heart for many reasons, but it actually is not a "family" anymore...still thought I'd mention it.  Everyone loves the Target corporation...I mean what's not to love...great products, great service, and it's just plain fun to shop there.  Did you know that Target and Marshall Fields were under the same ownership for quite a few years?  I actually worked at a Marshall Field's {technically it was Dayton's in Minnesota, but it was the same store} one summer while I was in college. For the record, I worked in the Ralph Lauren department and made exactly $0, but I still have some of the great clothes. ; )  Anyway, this company had amazing customer service which ran from their high end store all the way to the lower end.  Marshall Field's ended up being bought out my Macy's...which was a step down from the great service and style that this company had.

There are still others I didn't Sears owning Restoration Hardware and Lands End & others.  I find these relationships fascinating for a few reasons....sometimes as far as products go, you can find similar products in many different price points.  I also love finding a company that has good customer service from the top all the way down.   That way if you have a problem or issue, you know it will be taken care of.  What are your thoughts?  Company loyalty or anything goes?

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  1. Hmmm...a few things I didn't know. Sears owns RH and Lands End???? Holy Smokes!


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