Sunday, December 11, 2011

12 Days of Christmas : : coffee filter magic

I know this isn't a totally new thing, but I thought I'd pass this idea along to those who maybe have never heard of it.  If you have a little time on your hands a just a couple bucks then coffee filters may be your go to item for gift-giving and holiday decor.  Just a couple quick ideas.

The white filters can be used to make Christmas trees...just hot glue them in the  middle of each filter in rows all the way up on a Styrofoam cone.  Then you can trim with scissors when you are done to shape them up more like a tree.  I kind liked the fluffiness so I didn't over-trim.  Easy-peasy but just takes a bit of time. These babies are hanging out on my piano...for now. ;)

 Then, I've also done a bit more involved, but still cheap and easy version of this project.  This is a food coloring and tea dyed wreath.  I took a whole package of filters, put them in water with a few tea bags and lots of green food coloring and let it sit for a few hours.  Then, I dried the filters in stacks ( of like 10-15) in the oven on 200 degrees.  This wreath has a completely different look.  The filters dry flat and look a little crispier.  It looks really pretty because some get more color than others and the edges tend to get the most color...someone even said it resembles rose petals.  Just an FYI though, if you try for red with this method, you'll probably be waiting until Valentine's Day to use it...even with a lot of dye, it still comes out quite pink.  It also looks great without the food coloring and just the tea...makes for more of a natural looking wreath.
 And here's the original...I use the larger filters on the second to largest straw wreath that Hobby Lobby has.  (I leave it packaged up too...less straw mess to deal with).
 And just to keep it real, because unfortunately making the bed did not make the top of the list today....
 If you try it on too small of a wreath, you'll have to improvise like I did. :)   This one I made from the brown filters.  I quartered them then glued them in a line going around the wreath.  Then, I sprayed it with water and wrapped twine around it to dry. 

Let me know if you have any questions...would love to hear how y'all have maybe taken this and put your creative spin on it....and hear stories like mine of how my fingertips no longer are affected by the heat of hot glue. : )

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