Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Days of Christmas : : yarn and twine ornaments

Welcome back for another day of Christmas goodness! Today, I thought I'd show you another cheap and easy gift/decor that we've had a lot of fun with this year...yarn wrapped and twine wrapped ornaments.  The next few days I'm  going to feature some ornaments to make all based with an 8-pack of metallic ornament balls from the Dollar Tree.  A lot of these would look cute on or off a tree...or even done with the bigger size. 
All the supplies you need are a glue gun, yarn/ twine, and ornament balls (is that what they are called??).  You can do this two ways.  First ( and easiest!), just start at the top and glue small sections at a time to adhere the yarn to.  When you get to the bottom, it will be hard to keep it as close, so just wrap it evenly letting some of the metallic ball show through as seen with the ornament below.

The other way you can do it is to start at the top like before and then go to the middle and start from the bottom and meet the other strand in the middle.  It's ok if it gets "off", just fill in with yarn.

I attached ribbon to these, but you could even use some cute fabric scraps.  I also made gift tags with scrapbook paper.  I let my kids write on them ( because these are teacher gifts) and then modge podge'd both sides to make it a little sturdier and help the hole punch not to rip.

Super EASY and I bet you have most the supplies on hand already....who are you going to make yours for??

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