Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 Days Of Christmas : : get your modge podge on...

I think this is day #4.  This one is going to be another quick and easy DIY ornament...and it will be even easier than yesterday.  Yay for easy, right?

Ok, so get out the same Dollar Tree ornaments, or honestly whatever flat surfaced ornament you have laying around.  I think this would be super cute done on cardboard letters for an initial ornament or even a shape like a star or an I said whatever floats your boat. ;)  Also grab any old books, music books, tissue paper or scrapbook paper and of course the modge podge.

Take whatever paper you have...I used some old sheet music and some brown tissue paper which made this a perfect gift for my kids' music teacher. :)   Rip the paper into 1-2 inch strips and modge podge both sides and put on the ornament.  If you want a blingy ornament you can add some glitter to this or if you want a more rustic look then tint the modge podge with some brown paint. 

Attach some ribbon and a gift tag {shown in yesterday's post} and you are good to go.  I'd say less than 10 minutes start to finish for this one...even less if you are making many which means this would be a good one to make in bulk for others or even for your own tree.  Let your creative juices flow on this one!

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