Monday, May 2, 2011

Another busy weekend & more projects!

We are coming off yet another insanely busy weekend in this house...but I'm not was fun, spent with family and friends, and productive!

Saturday started with a morning at the soccer fields and then on to a birthday party in the afternoon and the evening brought a new experience for us...we attended a Catholic service to support my daughter's best friend taking her first communion.  It was definitely a different experience for us {we were both raised Baptist}, but it was neat to see some of their traditions and practices and we wouldn't have missed this special day for the world!  My girls are little envious of the gift I made for their friend {maybe I'll have to make them their own soon : ) }...what do y'all think?

I made this on my computer and had it printed at Fed Ex on some thick was definitely a fun, new challenge for me going about it this way!  Don't you love the font?  It's called 
I downloaded it here.  Can't a font make all the difference in the world?  I couldn't find a frame that was exactly what I wanted {fun girl and her cute purple room} so I took matters into my own hands for that too...found a somewhat ornate frame and painted it myself to match.  I'm thinking this isn't going to be the last project like this... : )
I've also got my hands tied up in a little project for another friend...she needed a dresser for her teenage daughter and after a week or two of looking in our local thrift stores and on Craig's List, I found something I am thrilled fact I told her that it's fine if she didn't like it because I wouldn't mind keeping it for myself! ; )  I'll show you the before and I'm hoping to have this project wrapped up by the weekend....

I've already ordered some new knobs {not sure if I've mentioned this, but Ebay is a great place to get cheap!} and it's going to be sanded down and painted.  I'm so excited about it! My sweet husband is so patient to deal with all my projects in that garage...I'm embarrassed to say how much I've got in there right now lined up for me to work on. ; )

Hope you had a happy Monday...I may be the only person in Texas who enjoyed this cold, rainy, barely 50 degree day...maybe because I know it's the calm before the storm {and by storm I mean insanely hot summer ; ) }.  


  1. Whoa! SO excited to see where you with that dresser! Looking forward to the afters!

  2. Love the gift!!! Perfect for the occassion. I am happy that you got to experience a Catholic sacrament. It is a huge day in the life of a Catholic.

  3. I love that wall print, Shera! I'm a little into Chevron right now...I just ordered a few wall prints for our family room with Chevron patterns! So fabulous! And I cannot wait to see what you do with that dresser!!

  4. Cute wall print! After seeing yours and all the ones at Jones Design Company I think I need to try this out. I never thought to get it printed at Fed Ex though, thanks for the inspiration! Also, looking forward to seeing the finished dresser.


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