Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tip Tuesday

Ok, ever since I started this little blog, it seems like everywhere I go, I have friends and other people giving me these great ideas...ranging from money saving to fashion to just general household tips.  So, I've decided to take these great ideas and turn them into a new weekly posting called "Tip Tuesday." 

Today's tip comes from my friend from church, Kelley.  She has 3 little ones and a 4th on the way...she is one busy momma! 

TIP : Use kitchen shears almost anytime you need to cut anything in the kitchen.  Whether it's salad, chopping up food for little ones, meat,  or cutting up fresh herbs...these simple kitchen item can save you so much time!
So next time you are about to drag out the cutting board and big ol' butcher knife, reevaluate and see if you can save yourself a little time by using your shears.

OK...if you have a GREAT tip that you want to be feature on Tip Tuesday....email me or message me on Facebook {PLEASE don't post it on the 23 Design Co. Facebook wall!}.  Maybe someday if this blog is ever big and famous, I'll send out a prize to the weekly tip contributor, but for now, you can just have the joy that a couple hundred people are reading your tip and hopefully saving themselves so money and time! : )

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