Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bathroom update

I had a couple areas in the kids' bathroom that after being lived in for a little while proved to not be a good fit for us.

Example one : Ikea hooks. 
I can't remember if these are marketed in anyway as towel hooks {they probably weren't}, but these are definitely not towel hooks. At all.  This area usually looked a little more like this because they were not towel hooks....
Actually, it looked like this all the time.  About the time that I was trying to figure it out, Ebay had a Groupon that let you buy $15 for $7...and I had a $10 Groupon credit {thank you to the person who signed up under me!}.  Ebay is a great place for all kids of hardware...knobs, hooks, handles, I knew I could find what I needed here.  I wanted a double hook for a robe and possibly an extra towel for each kid.  I took the space behind the door...
And with the help of these house numbers I picked up at Wal-Mart {for 80 cents a piece}, 

I spray painted  them hammered black and turned the space into a much more useful space...

Example two : nail holes from my unfunctional towel hooks....

I guess I could have gotten some joint coupound out and covered up my nailholes with that, but I chose to add a little "art" {using that word very loose, I know}

I spent less than $4 on all these projects combined...I loved the looks and even more than that....the usefulness!

What's your favorite way online to make a little spending money...Groupon, Swagbucks?  I'd love to hear so I can give it a try! ; )

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