Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tip Tuesday

 Today's tip comes from two friends that I go way back with...I used to admire them as creative mommas when I'd watch their children {they each have 5!}.  Their houses always looked cute, their kids always looked cute and they were just a whole lot of fun to be around too!  Their kids are older now and they have both started photography businesses and I am SO sad I don't live by them anymore because they do such awesome work, but if you are near San Diego or San Francisco, I'd love to introduce you to them...you won't be disappointed! {you can click on their cities to check out their websites}

TIP : When having company {or you just have a big family like us!}, use rubber bands with names on them around your glasses/cups to help cut down on the germ fest. :) Sofia even suggested using  colored ones....how cute would this be for a party?!?  I  especially love them on the mason jars, but this would work for all different types of cups and look cute and be so functional!
I'm really wishing I would have thought of this one.
cool photo from Amy via Instagram
Added bonus:  with little ones around, sometimes my sharpie used for names on cups can end up in the hands of someone who doesn't need it {like, say, the 3 & under crowd}...so get the rubber bands ready ahead of time and keep that sharpie hidden away! 

 Thanks again Sofia and Amy for this awesome tip...can't wait to use it for my next get-together!

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