Saturday, May 14, 2011

fruits of the spirit

I did a little rearranging in my kids' bathroom which I recently redid {shown here} and in the process ended up with some empty wallspace {and a couple nail holes I needed to cover up!}.  I wanted something fun and fitting for my kids but also fit the room...and my budget of free to cheap. : ) 

I saw this idea over at Me Oh My and LOVED it...natural and kinda funky.  She chose a song to put in her master bedroom and I think it looks great....
I was thinking a Bible verse would be good for my kids to see everday...but as I got to thinking about I had to be careful because it was going on the wall right across from the toilet.  So....I ruled on out "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do with all thy might" pretty early on. ; )  I thought a list of the Fruits of the Spirit my go well on this narrow little wall.

I found a piece of scrap wood with a nice grain in the garage and had my sweet husband cut it to size.  Then, I sanded it down and stained it using some stain I had that matches our flooring. {ALL FREE!}
I let that set for....well, until I had time to mess with is again.  I bought some white acrylic paint {under $1} and taped off 10 lines to make sure I didn't write them crooked.
Then, I tied a ribbon to two small nails I hammered into the back and hung it up with yet another nail hole I hammered into the wall...
Now, my little ones have some almost free art {I know it's not perfect!} with some good reminders for the whole family!


  1. OOps. That was me above. Alison F

  2. I love it! I appreciate all the simple ideas you put on here! Hope you don't mind me copying some of your ideas! So funny about the verse you didn't choose :)


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