Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Easy {and FREE} bag tutorial

I know y'all have seen these flowers before, usually on a headband or necklace or even bunched together on a wreath. This time, I decided to try to make a large one to put on this denim bag.  I'm usually not one to gaudy things up too much, but I'd had this bad laying around forever and decided it either needed to change or go {My husband got it as end of the year gift from the PTA at his previous school...it had that school's logo embroidered on it, so I took that out a few years ago.  Gym teachers & coaches aren't usually known to carry cute little denim embroidered bags...ha. : ) }

The supplies I used for this project included the bag, scrap fabric { I had a scarf that never seemed to look right with anything that went into my fabric bin, but you could use old t-shirts or any fabric that you can cut into strips}, and my hot glue gun.  I just bought the cheapo one at Hobby Lobby for like $4 and it has lasted me almost 5 years.
 Start with a tab of fabric in the middle and glue it down.  Then wrap it around so that the end of that tab is covered, gluing along the way.  Usually when I make these flowers, I glue only parts of it, but I glued most of this one down since I figured it would get used a bit harder.
 I just wrapped it tightly and twisted my fabric strip as I went.  If your strip doesn't make one whole flower, you can just add a new strip as you twist the flower and it will seamlessly tie in.
 Continue to glue and twist until you get the desired size.  On this flower, I just used up the length of the scarf.  And here's the finished product....
I spent $0 and less than 10 minutes....and I've already had to settle a fight between my girls over it. I'd say that's a good sign it turned out all right. ;)

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