Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tip Tuesday

Yes, I do realize this edition is on Wednesday, but I've had to put my soccer mom hat on quite a bit this week...I've been driving all over Dallas taking my kids to camps and practices and games.  It's been crazy, but it's been a lot of fun too!

Today's tip comes from a friend from elementary school/high school, Betsy Malmanger {she was actually two years older than me...but you get the picture, we go back quite a long way}.  She has 5 kids....with the last two being a set of ADORABLE twin girls.  Since she got a 2 for 1....I'm going to give you a 2 for 1 today and include 2 tips she sent me!

TIP 1 : Use your pizza cutter when cutting up food for your little ones to eat.  This works great on anything from pizza ; ) to  pancakes to french toast to grilled cheese.  I LOVE this idea!

TIP 2 : When measuring brown sugar, use the next smaller measuring cup to pack the sugar in. {Ex. when using a 1/2 cup to measure, pack it in with the 1/3 cup}.  What a simple time saving idea...I don't think I'd heard of this one.

Betsy has a sweet blog where she chronicles their busy life here.  Thank you so much Betsy for the great tips this week...I know they come from lots of experience!

If you want your tip to feature...just send me a message on facebook or through my email link on my blog.

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