Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pinterest weirdness....

I have already shown you a few of the things I've found on Pinterest that I adore...now for the things, that I'm not quite sure needed noted.....

maybe you have to be a cat lover to understand "cat ninjas"
leg hair
really? my question is...how did they get such a pretty model for this??
does this mean you have to collect bird necklaces?
owl and deer...forever? really?
no i don't want my house to look like a club, thanks.
skinny leopard jeans. perfect way to unflatter any body type.
There's much more over at Pinterest that will make you say "wow".   I still love it...design inspiration, cooking ideas...I love it!  You can check out my boards....and I'd love to follow yours too! ; ) 


  1. Those all made me really laugh! I think tattoos are some of the craziest things I see there, too! Every once in a while a I get the urge to get one (something small and hidden and normalish), but Stephen always talks me out of it. Something about being in a nursing home someday with a wrinkly tattoo...What blows my mind are all the Disney character tattoos on grown ups. For some reason that always seems so bazaar.

  2. My daughter would love those cat prints.

  3. WOW...the tattoo is crazy! No way!


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