Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tip Tuesday

Here's a money saving tip I found awhile back.  This is for those of you who use dryer sheets...I switch back and forth between liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets {I have no idea the reasoning}.

TIP : Cut your dryer sheets in half...you won't even notice the difference and it'll cost you half as much! : )

There's also a ton of other uses for these little babies...
~ use as to pick up/repel dust on electronics
~ throw one in your pocket to help repel  mosquitoes and bees
~ freshen up the smell wastebaskets, closets, shoes, drawer, or your car {stick one under the seat}
~ throw one in a pan with baked on food  and let it sit in the water overnight
~ in your vaccum cleaner bag

Hope y'all have a fantastic Tuesday!

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