Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend wrap-up and some sunny days ahead...

I was so excited Friday night to go pick up my girls from the airport....they'd been with their grandma and grandpa to a little place you may have heard of....
They had an amazing time and I was so excited to wake up Saturday morning and hear all about the big trip and finish up my project I started while they were gone {I'll be posting on it later}.  Instead, I woke up Saturday not feeling well and the weekend went downhill from there.  I've pretty much been in bed ever since.  Miserable.  Just miserable.  Moms definitely should not be allowed to get sick...can I get an AMEN?

So, in honor of me looking at my pretty tan walls for the last 3 days instead of soaking up the sun, here's a little bit of sunshine for you to enjoy?
{via} Definitely a nice spot for my coffee drinking

{via} love this yellow coral wallpaper

{via} Great windows, simplicity and touches of color

{via} A warm yellow with lots of al fresco dining, I can imagine

{via} Pretty sure I featured this before, but this yellow headboard may make this room

{via}Another warm yellow with some great ikat slipcovers
{via} LOVE this....the windows, the over stuffed ratan sofa, the paint
{via} Happiest laundry room ever....I bet my clothes would even look cleaner in here. : )
Well, hopefully these brightened your day.  I'm definitely hoping for a brighter day tomorrow. : )


  1. I'm sorry you were sick - yuck.

    I do love all the yellow - it does really give the rooms a fresh feel - and that laundry room - is to die for - I might actually enjoy laundry time - ok, so maybe not.

  2. Here's your AMEN to Mom's should not be allowed to get sick:):) Love, Love, Love, all the yellow!

  3. Loving some yellow...especially the soft buttery color of those cabinets.


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