Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter shopping

I know I showed this photo yesterday, but I thought I'd tell you about my Easter clothes shopping this year.  This is the first year I haven't just gone out in the Spring sometimes and found matching outfits for all the kids.  I found it piece by piece {all at amazing prices} since last fall. After reading this book, I am so glad I did it this way...saving money on things like this has allowed us to be able to give more freely when we've seen needs....still have a lot to work to do in this area though so I am in no means patting myself on the back! ; )

It all started when I found Saylor's {on the far left} dress.  It is a Lilly Pulitzer similar to this, but I found it at Salvation Army while furniture shopping for under $5.  I don't like to be a clothes snob {and don't think I am normally, I'll wear whatever as long as I like it}, but sometimes you just can't deny the quality of something...this dress is gorgeous and is definitely going to be passed down to Addison!  Nothing says spring like Lilly Pulitzer so it was a perfect place to start.

Addison's {the baby} dress was found that same day.  It is a Ralph Lauren and the strap was broken on I kindly asked the clerk to take a percentage off and he didn't...but then threw it in the bag {FOR FREE}.  So, yeah, that was one of my luckier shopping trips. ; )

I found Maggie's dress at Once Upon a Child {one of my fave places here in DFW not only to shop for my kids, but to make money on their outgrown clothes and toys}.  It is a swiss dot {I don't think I've talked about my love for swiss dot, but I love it...especially in white!} from Old Navy...i'm guessing I paid about $6 or $7 for it.  She was the only one that needed new church shoes and I picked those up at Once Upon A Child too...brand new Gap sandals for $4.50!

Tag is wearing some hand-me-downs...shorts from Crazy 8's and a white Ralph Lauren oxford I picked up somewhere a while back for cheap.

My clothes are a mix of old and new...Express skirt found for $2 at the best thrift store ever {it's called ARC and it's up by mom in Colorado...great clothes, great prices, and great cause!}, pink ruffle tank picked up at Marshalls last summer for $5, and my gray cardi I wore the day I graduated high school. : )  My shoes I got for Mother's Day last year from Ross....they are Aerosoles {crazy, huh?} and so comfy.  I wear them every time I get a chance!  I picked up my pearl necklace at Forever 21 and added a brooch I already had from Loft.

I hope I didn't bore y'all with these details...maybe I'm the only one that gets excited when I can clothe a family of 6 for as cheap as I did yesterday and make it look like we did NOT just walk out of the Salvation Army! ; )  I think I spent less than $20 on Easter outfits {not including what we already had}.  So exciting to me that it already that has allowed me to be more generous in ways I couldn't have other Easters.

I'll probably be talking more about that book I mentioned's kinda one of those life changers. I'm so excited about how it's changed my perspective on pretty much everything and can't wait to share! 


  1. Beautiful family & loved reading about your deals! I just downloaded the Radical book on my kindle. Thanks for the suggestion! Love ya! ~Tays

  2. Awesome,'s one of those books I think should come with the warning that if you like the way you are, don't bother reading it. : ) Love ya!

  3. LOVE those kind of deals. I have to say we were blessed also w/great deals like that this year too. I got Sadie's dress&mine new at Kohls, but w/20%-30% off coupons, plus $10 coupons. Then, Kaden's came from Once Upon a child and it was just as cute as what they had at Kohls and the shorts still had the new store tag on. Taylor's shirt was a plaid (chaps) shirt from Kohls(my fav store by the way) probably 6-8 months ago for about $4. So, I just had to get him some new pants (again-30% off). Thank you God for great deals!! Sounds like I need to go shopping w/you sometime :)


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