Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top 5 : : Date night

I don't know about you, but I LOVE date night.  I wish we could have a date night every weekend, but our schedule and budget doesn't quite allow for that, but we do try and make it happen as much as possible!  Our date nights used to be so predictable...dinner, movie or mall and always Barnes & Noble.  Hot and sexy, huh? :)   Actually, I still love that go-to date, but recently we've been trying to mix it up a bit and it has been SO fun!  Here goes....

1.  Stay in and cook together.  For a while this did not seem too fun...I mean do what I do every night for 6 people and it's supposed to be romantic?!  BUT if done right, it can be a low-key, enjoyable night in.  Find a new, fun recipe like this one we recently tried {Trey actually cooked this one for me for our anniversary!}.  If your husband is new to the cooking scene...be patient and give it time, he'll catch on quicker than you probably think.  This is a great thing to do especially after a busy week of being on the go.

2.  Tennis/Raquetball.  I always get my butt kicked...always.  But I always have fun playing.  Now that our kids are a little older we can take them and let them play on one court and us have another court...so that almost counts as a date. : )  We've played on our own too and it's just great to be outside & having a little healthy competition {if you can call it that}.

3.  Dressing up and hitting the town.  Sometimes it's just fun to get all dolled up and do something special.  This isn't really my thing to do all the time, but I enjoy being able to really celebrate a special occasion  this way.  For my birthday last year, we went to Wolfgang Puck's restaurant at the top of Reunion Tower in Dallas and it was amazing!
It's that tower with the ball on top that you see in every Dallas skyline pic : )
All dressed up ;) I'm not sure where the pics of us while we were out went...

4. Try something new.  Last time we tried out a place here in Dallas called Top Golf.  We had a couple coupons for it so if it was a total bomb, not too much was lost. ; )  It's kind of Par 3 golf game...almost bowling style.  Trey is a pretty good golfer, but I have hardly played since we've been married.  It was a blast and we will definitely be going back!  Being able to try out new things and being ok if the actual activity ends up not really being your thing is part of the fun of it! Maybe it's time to give bowling, shooting or laser tag a try...I know I'm up for the challenge!

5. The go-to date.  It might be routine, but I love it.  A lot of times we get out the coupon book and try a new restaurant which helps keep things fun.  And as long as we end up in Barnes & Noble by the end of the night, I know it'll will be a good time.  There's not much better than the one you love, coffee, and books about whatever your heart desires {for the record, his are sports and fitness and mine are decorating books}.

Maybe my list seems boring to you....SO, I'd love to hear YOUR ideas!  What do you do when your time has come to get out of the house for the night? 

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