Friday, April 1, 2011

The timeless look of Quatrefoil

Although, you see the quatrefoil design in so many designer spaces right now, the great thing is that it will not go out of style.  It is found all over in ancient architecture.  It's beautiful shape is so timeless that you will see it for years and years to come.  Finding a great piece with this design in it, is sure to to only enhance the classic beauty of your space.  Here are some of my current favorite ways to incorporate it...

This gorgeous quatrefoil chandelier found at Ballard Designs {AND it's on sale!}
How great would this look in an outdoor space, Ballard Designs

Love the subtle look of this rug

I love things like this...makes me so ready for summer bbq's!
A more modern take....I love this with the all white bedding
Doesn't Restoration Hardware do this look SO well?!
Quatrefoil on a wall covering is gorgeous but here is stencil that can you get that look for much, much less! (Stephanie this one is for you!)
These chairs are amazing...the detail of the quatrefoil on the sides is beautiful!

This quatrefoil key print on etsy
Or these fun pillows from Etsy
There you have it....something for every price point. I love this look and I am hoping to be able to use this look in my home...I'd love that mirror (actually something similar since that one is a bit out of my budget!). 

What is your favorite?

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