Friday, April 15, 2011

Mantels & Moss

I love the look of moss and how no matter what it's on, it brings the beauty of the outdoors in.  I've seen a couple different versions of moss covered letters and my initial plan was to make an "O" to hang on our front door {and I still may} but I had another "O", which would be too small on our door, from a project gone bad I thought I'd try out first.  So here's what I did to make my moss-covered letter...

I started with this cheesy silver painted "O" {MDF purchased at Hobby Lobby for less than $2}

Painted it green so that tacky silver wouldn't be peaking through after I applied the moss {just some random paint I had laying around}.
Then, I used a paintbrush and applied some Modge Podge liberally.  Spray adhesive probably would work easier, but I wanted to keep the cost of this little project as low as possible...and Modge Podge was already in my craft bucket : ) }

The moss {purchased from Wal-mart for less than $2} was a little tricky to put on and it took a couple rounds of it to make sure I filled in all the holes.  

Between coats I wrapped it up in an old towel tightly, turned it upside down and put a heavy stepping stone {once again, it was all I had and it was heavy...and within reach! }.  This helped tame the craziness of the resembled some really bad bed head. : )

Now, here it is on my newly redone mantel {sorry about the not-great pics, they are from my phone because my camera is MIA  : ( }...

I think I'm really liking my new map "collection".  I think it picks up the neutrals and the blues in this room really well while be interesting and showing off some of my new favorite things.  The one hanging is from's an antique map of France that he gave me for Christmas.  I've been to France before, but I'd really want to go back with him....someday. ; )  The globe I mentioned in one of my thrifting posts. The other map my mom made WAY back in the day and came home with me from our Spring Break trip.  Not only do I love the looks of it, I LOVE that it was handmade by my mom.  Here it is back in the day....

Same map in the background {nice picture grouping, mom! : ) }....Oh yeah and my 3 cute older siblings. ; )

Don't forget to enter the necklace ends at midnight on Sunday!


  1. I love it! What a great idea. LOVEEEE seeing the map in the original picture!

  2. How clever is that! Glue and moss...who knew....thanks for the comment...I am pretty amped!


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