Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My new favorite product GIVEAWAY

Ok, this is not going to become a make-up and hair blog....that's really not me at all.  In fact, I am about as low maintenance as it gets as far as all that goes.  I like cheap, fast and EASY!  I've gone the expensive route (before 4 kids, when I had more money to spend on all that : )) and I've found that there are not too many things that I can't find a good cheap alternative to.

Anyway....I say all that to say....I've been trying to grow my hair out and I've been checking out ways to do so so that it looks as healthy as possible.  One thing, I've read over and over is to NOT wash it every day.  I'm one of those girls, that if I don't wash everyday, I look greasy and gnarly.  SOOOO....I'd read to try a dry shampoo product and while I was shopping at Wal-Mart the other day I saw that the Suave Professional line came out with I could try it for under $3.  And the verdict is...I LOVE IT!  I can finally go a day between washings and my hair doesn't look like it needs a good scrubbing. :)

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So, I know there are some other hidden "gems" out there...what is your favorite product? Do you have a favorite lip gloss that reminds of you of a designer brand?  Or maybe you have a non-beauty product that works wonders for you in a unconventional way?   I'd love to try some new hopefully make my beauty regimen even easier!

Post a comment on this post about your favorite under $5 product and I will randomly pick (using the winner and will send a bottle of my new favorite product.  Contest will end Sunday (March 6) at midnight.  Only 1 entry per person. An additional entry can be made by "liking" 23 Design Co. on Facebook (Just leave another comment saying you did so).


  1. what?? How did I miss this fabulous contest? I have lots things to share! Do you perhaps mean that the contest is over on Sunday March 6?

  2. Ummm, yeah. Thanks for catching that! So what's your tip...I know you've got to have some great ones!

  3. Oh, this is fun. My favorite beauty product is just a simple lip gloss. Make me feel kinda put together especially when I am always on the go.

  4. many good ones, but I LOVE got2b shine spray to finish off my hair:):)

  5. I LOVE those new face wipes to wash my face at the end of a long day. Easy and leaves my face feeling clean! Neutrogena brand is great but the Target brand is great too!

  6. Shera-
    you know me well!! I have a ton, but will only list my 3 faves.

    I second what Jana says- love the Neutrogena wipes and they even get off the toughest waterproof mascara.

    I also love Maybelline eye makeup remover- it has a pink cap and white bottle with pink writing. Once again, gets off the most stubborn of eye makeup.

    My new fave: (it may cost under 6 dollars instead of under 5, so it may not qualify for the drawing, but still hafta share!!)
    Maybelline FALSIES mascara- waterproof. Looks like you have eyelash extensions!! Dark pink container with dark blue lettering. Prob cheaper at Walmart, than at Target. This find is huge, considering I am a MAC cosmetics girl! FUN contest, Shera!!

  7. Favorite under $5 item...hmmm? Johnson's Kids No More Tangles spray is a life saver with my girls' tangle prone hair.

  8. I love my hand sanitizer. I have it in two forms: spray & pump. I keep it handy in the van, purse and when I get a break-out on my face I use a q-tip and dab on the pimple. It's gone by morning. LOOOOOOOVE It.

  9. I have Burts Bees chapstick with me at all times. I also don't leave the house without my "eyes" - my pencil eyeliner. :D :D


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